How to Enjoy the Taste of Vegetables

Believe it or not, some people have a harder time than others appreciating the delectable taste of vegetables.  Roughly 25% of the population are supertasters, meaning they are unusually sensitive to the bitter taste of vegetables and more likely to opt against them.

But vegetables are packed with immune boosting phytochemicals and loaded with water and fiber to fill you up and keep you lean.  They keep you looking young, feeling vibrant, and are essential to a healthy diet.  So if you are a supertaster or just never learned to love your veggies, here are some fabulous tricks to help you eat more veggies and enjoy every bite:

1.  Pair Veggies with Your Favorite Foods

Pair vegetables with some of your favorite flavors and eventually your taste buds will learn to enjoy the taste of vegetables.  Research shows that when you eat a liked food flavor with an unliked food flavor, over time you will genuinely enjoy the unliked food flavor as well.  So top your next pizza with sliced bell peppers, dip broccoli into ranch dressing, or eat quesadillas stuffed with zucchini.

2.  Eat Veggies with a little Healthy Fat

Fat helps to counteract some of the bitterness in certain vegetables and make them taste more flavorsome.  Toss some chopped avocado in your salad or drizzle some olive oil on roasted eggplant.  Nuts, olives, and organic reduced fat cheeses are also great fats to serve with your veggies.  Just make sure you are eating vegetables with some healthy fat not eating healthy fat with some vegetables.

3.  Cook your Veggies

Cooking vegetables will combat the bitter taste.  Try lightly sautéing vegetables over medium-low heat, grilling, steaming, or roasting for a slightly sweeter bite.  The key is to cook enough to improve the taste but not too much to destroy the texture.

Remember to be patient with yourself.  Most likely you will not learn to love vegetables over night.  Stick with it and reap the benefits vegetables provide.  Who knows, the foods you once passed up might start to be the foods you crave.



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  1. Lisa O'Connor

    Thank you, Renee, this is really encouraging.

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