My Little Guide of Healthier Choices

Healthy eating is not about giving up your favorite foods, but it is about choosing the best option available.  Here are some of the easiest choices you can start making today:

Choose darker salad greens over iceberg lettuce.

Darker salad greens such as spinach, arugula, rocket have more nutrients than iceberg lettuce  Iceberg lettuce contains more water and therefore less nutrients, while the darker greens have less water with a more concentrated source of nutrients.

Choose fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables over canned.

Canned fruits and veggies tends to be lower in nutrients and higher in sodium and sugar compared to fresh or frozen.  I suggest buying fresh fruits and veggies when in season and frozen when out of season to ensure you are getting the most nutrients with the freshest produce.

Choose plain yogurt over flavored yogurt

Plain yogurt is lower in sugar with no artificial sweeteners compared to flavored yogurt.  Also, plain yogurt is often lower in calories with the same if not higher amount of protein.  Stick with the plain yogurt and flavor with chopped fruit or a drizzle of honey.

Choose multi-colored meals over single colored meals

Generally, the more natural colors in your meal the more nutrients.  Fill your plate with a wide range of colors rather than eating a boring meal with only one color.  For example, instead of a cheese pizza with bread sticks (all white) choose a veggie pizza with side salad (lots of color).  Instead of a cheeseburger with French fries (mostly white) choose a hamburger with lettuce and tomato on a whole grain bun and sweet potato fries (more colors).

Choose natural peanut butter over regular or reduced fat peanut butter

Natural peanut butter contains peanuts in their most natural form without added sugar or preservatives that keep it lasting on the shelf for way too long.  Natural almond butter is an excellent option too.

Choose simple, real ingredients over unidentifiable ingredients

Keep it simple with the ingredient list.  Choose items that have a short ingredient list with familiar ingredients.  This way you are filling your body with natural foods and not artificial ingredients.

I hope this little list helps.

Much Love,


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