Transform Your Body in Just One Step

On a recent flight I started talking to the women sitting next to me named Claire.  Claire had really struggled with her weight the past few years and it was getting to the point of “disgusting.”   She explained that she knows what to do in order to lose the pounds but has never been successful.

Working with clients, I often see this disconnect between knowing and doing.  We are usually aware of what we want to look like and can easily identify numerous habits that are blocking us from getting there.  However, the gap between our goals and the current situation seems so far that it is difficult to even pinpoint where to start.  So instead of focusing on our goals and taking control of our life, we get overwhelmed with all the changes and stay put in our current habits.

Creating the life you want is as simple as starting with one reasonable change right now!  Just by incorporating one healthy habit into your life more will come.  Likes attract likes and one change toward a healthier life will attract more changes toward a healthier life.  One excellent food choice leads to more excellent food choices.  One home cooked meal a week leads to two or three home cooked meals a week.  Get my drift? Focusing on just one habitual change at a time and then feeling the difference will draw us closer and closer toward our goals.

I challenge you to transform your body and health by following these simple steps:

1.  Write down your health goal(s) in the following format:

I will __________________ because _____________________.

I will lose 10 pounds because I know that is my desired weight were I will feel most confident and healthy.

I will eat more nutritious foods because then I will have more energy.

2.  Commit to just one change today that will help you reach your goal.  Remember, to focus on the fulfillment you will feel once your goal is reached, not just the work it takes to get there.

I will carry around a water bottle so I drink more water during the day.

I will buy one new vegetable a week to cook at home.

I will switch from white bread to whole grain bread.

3.  Acknowledge the difference that just one small change has made.  Once your new change has become a habit and is part of your daily or weekly routine commit to another simple change.

Focus on only ONE change at a time and repeat this process over and over again.  Thank yourself for committing to your health and enjoy the process of creating the life you deserve.

In Love and Health,


“Health is not something we can get; rather, it is something we attract by the person we become.  If we chase after health, it will elude us like a butterfly.  However, if we calmly attract health by becoming the type of person who can be radiantly healthy, it will land upon us with a most radiant flutter.” -David Wolfe

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

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