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… travel tips and tricks to help you feel energized and light.

I think I am safe to say that most people love to travel.  Personally, I would never pass up the opportunity to visit a place or learn from cultures all over the world.  However, the actual process of getting from one place to another can be quite a different story.  Whether we are traveling for work or pleasure we can never be 100% sure what we are about to get ourselves into.  Long flights, delays, layovers, disturbed sleep, and lack of fresh air often leave us feeling run down and tired before we even reach our final destination.  Let’s face it – traveling can and does take a toll on our bodies.

So we can’t control everything regarding our trip but there are some things we can control to help our bodies be regular, energized, and healthy.  What we eat during our trip is going to make a big difference with how we feel once we have landed. That is one thing that can be guaranteed!

I am grateful to have been able to travel quite a bit lately and got inspired to share what I have learned along the way.  To make sure I am ready for my destination, I always go through the 3 P’s before any long flight:

1.  Plan – How long will I be traveling? How many meals/snacks will I need?

Going too long without eating or opting for the less nutritious (more convenient) food choice are two easy ways to zap our energy.  It is important to try and keep our body on a similar schedule to our normal eating pattern for steady energy and smooth running gastrointestinal tract.  Our bodies are so habitual and prefer the same sort of things from day to day.  I also try not to completely depend on airport/airplane food.  There are plenty of nutritious options out there but I have learned the hard way that the amount of time I have to grab a bite and when the meal is going to be served once on board are out of my control.  For our body, energy, and comfort it is far better to be safe then sorry. Plan to bring all your meals and snacks.

2.  Prepare – Prepare the meals and snacks needed for the trip.

Try to choose foods that are easy to digest and have a high water content when traveling.  Eating foods that are easier to digest will help save our energy so it isn’t sucked up by digestion.  Consuming high water content foods and drinking lots of water will help keep us hydrated. Flying is very dehydrating to our bodies and is linked to jet lag, headaches, and fatigue.

Some of my favorite choices are:

  • -Fresh Fruit: apples, grapes, bananas, etc.
  • -Veggie Sticks: celery, carrots, red bell peppers.
  • -Cereal Trail Mix: I mix 1 cup whole grain cereal (such as cheerios, unfrosted mini wheats, puffed kalmut) to 1 tablespoon mixed nuts and 1 tablespoon dried fruit.  Nuts are loaded with heart-healthy fats but can be hard to digest.  Mixing in the whole grain cereal eases digestion, reduces calories, and increases quantity.  This mixture is the perfect pick me up during a long day of traveling.
  • -Hunger Satisfying Sandwich: I think a sandwich is the perfect traveling meal.  I layer 1/2 avocado and 1/2 red bell pepper in between 2 slices whole grain bread for the most delicious avocado and red pepper sandwich that never fails to conquer my hunger.

3.  Pack – Pack all the snacks and meals in the carry on bag.

I hope you find these travel tips and tricks helpful and wish you all happy and safe travels!

With Love,


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