If knowing what to do were enough, the majority of the population would not be struggling with weight and health issues.  I aim to mend the gap between knowing and doing by catering to each individuals need, whether it is weight loss/maintenance, managing a chronic disease, or developing a healthy  relationship with food.  I offer a variety of services and packages designed to meet your objective, and tailor each session based on your specific preference, lifestyle, and goals.

I invite you to experience the difference that positive support, encouragement without judgment, accountability, and motivation can make in your life.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Learn how to promote lifelong health, enhance performance, and improve your quality of life through nutrition and healthy living.  Personalized goals and plans will be designed to fit your individual lifestyle.

LEAP Therapy

Migraines? Constant headaches? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Fibromyalgia? Arthritis? Chron’s? Eczema? Extreme Fatigue? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, food sensitivities may be the culprit to your symptoms and LEAP (Lifestyle, Eating, and Performance) Therapy could offer you tremendous relief. LEAP therapy uses Mediator Release Testing (MRT), a blood test, to identify which common foods and chemicals may be provoking your symptoms. Once these foods and chemicals are identified, we work together to develop a comprehensive eating plan specific to you.

Personalized Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans with easy to fix, delicious recipes and weekly grocery list.

Diet Analysis

Complete diet analysis, which will give you a full evaluation of your nutritional adequacy and nutrient intake (calories, fat, protein, vitamins, etc), with customized advice on how to make small changes to reach your nutrition goals.

Nutrition Tours

Shopping field trip to your preferred grocery store to make balanced and healthy shopping quicker, easier, and tailored to your individual food preferences.

Nutrition Packages:

The Fast-Track Nutrition Plan

Jump-start the healthier you with this customized plan including a personalized meal plan, filled with 21 different meal ideas and 14 different snack ideas so you never get bored on your road to greatness.  Instead of a “diet” this meal plan is a new way of eating filled with an abundance of healthy foods and specifically designed to fit your lifestyle.  This meal plan allows you to get out of your head and simply feel the benefits that nutritious foods have on your body, mood, and overall energy.  The transformation you will feel from just minor shifts in your eating habits will lead you to no other choice, but to continue on your journey to the healthiest you!

This plan includes an initial nutrition consultation, 7-day personalized meal plan with grocery shopping list, and two follow-up sessions for the support and motivation to keep you on track.

Healthy Eating Makeover

Makeover your diet with a complete diet analysis of your current eating habits, followed by a personalized nutrition tour at your preferred grocery store.  You will learn practical suggestions and tips to reach your nutrition goals while making your grocery shopping healthier, faster, and more efficient.

This plan includes an initial nutrition consultation, diet analysis, nutrition tour, and two follow-up sessions for the resources and encouragement to reach your nutrition goals and stick with them for a lifetime.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

This personalized plan is the ultimate package to help you lose weight, feel great, and look sexy.  This is a combination of the fast-track nutrition plan and healthy eating makeover, so regardless of your current eating habits and knowledge you can uncover the healthier you with the tools, support, and motivation to keep you there.

This ultimate plan includes an initial nutrition consultation, diet analysis, 7-day personalized meal plan, nutrition tour and four follow-up sessions.

I am also available to counsel those of you living outside the Chicago metro area via Skype™! Contact me for more information about using Skype for your consultations.

“My goal is for you to make simple changes, which will transform your whole sense of well-being and last a lifetime.”

I accept cash, check and credit cards through Google Checkout.

Note: many health insurance providers cover visits to a registered dietitian. You should check with your provider to see if your visit is covered.

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