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“My nutrition sessions with Renee are changing my life, my relationship with food and with my body. I feel so comfortable with Renee and I can tell her anything. I have been on Weight Watchers since I was 13 so I know close to nothing about real nutrition and now I am finally deciding to learn about food.

“Renee has helped me with my emotional eating patterns by educating me on food combining, meal planning, portion control and the importance of preparation and goal setting. We meet once a week and we make a new plan for me according to what the next small step is that I can handle. I am finally grocery shopping, I have given up diet soda, I am sitting down to eat and I enjoy eating! I am so excited about the changes I have made in my dietary habits and I feel more energized than I ever have before.

Jaclyn Jones, owner of Indigo Studio

“I have always struggled with balance in my diet and had a hard time losing he extra pounds i gained after having a baby. Renee was the only nutritionist would could help me lose the weight. I ate everything I wanted and never felt deprived!

Renee is extremely knowledgable, professional, and easy to talk to. She helped me understand how to read food labels and how to make healthier food choices, which I now enjoy! I would highly recommend Renee!”


“Renee helped me realize that food/eating isn’t as scary as I once thought. She helped me understand what my body needs. I lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks of following Renee’s meal plan.

Lisa Cleveland

“While working with Renee I have discovered the correlation between diet and performance. The techniques I learned have not only enabled me to perform better physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally.

Renee’s holistic approach to nutrition is truly unique. Her focus is completely based on internal hapiness. By providing me with the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle I not only look better but I feel better.

I am thankful for everything I have learned from Renee and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve the way they live their life.”

Mark Clerkin

“Renee helped me learn that in my busy, on-the-go life I can still make good decisions and prepare healthy, nutritious snacks and meals to fuel my body.

Kristy Stenson

“The services Renee offered improved my life more than I imagined. She really listened to me and designed a meal plan around my concerns, likes and dislikes. Renee also not only advised me but showed me how to shop and prepare meals the way I like them.”

-Kelsey Bufford

“I’ve always wanted to eat more healthily and cut down on my meat intake. With Renee’s support and help I’ve been completely meat free for eight months and feel rejuvenated.”

Justine Miele

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